The Behavior Education Program: A Check-In, Check-Out Intervention for Students at RiskThis professional training video demonstrates the Behavior Education Program (BEP), the Tier 2 intervention comprehensively described in the book Responding to Problem Behavior in Schools. Scenes set in classrooms and other school and home settings depict such nonaggressive problem behaviors as disruption, defiance, and tardiness, and show how teachers, other school personnel, and parents can work with students effectively to implement the steps of the BEP. In addition, an interview with BEP codeveloper Dr. Leanne S. Hawken provides answers to frequently asked questions. A special feature of the DVD is a set of reproducible forms and training materials that can be downloaded on the purchaser's computer as PDFs or PowerPoint files. See also the related book, Responding to Problem Behavior in Schools, Second Edition: The Behavior Education Program.Dimensions: 19.25 x 13.56 x 1.32 centimetres (0.09 kg)この専門的な訓練ビデオは、学校における問題行動への対応の書籍に包括的に記述されているTier 2の介入である行動教育プログラム(BEP)を示しています。

教室やその他の学校や家庭の場面に設定された場面は、混乱、反抗、遅れなどの非攻撃的な問題行動を示し、BEPのステップを効果的に実践するために教師、他の学校関係者、さらに、BEPコード作成者Dr. Leanne S. Hawkenとのインタビューでは、よくある質問への回答を提供しています。



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