Complete Book of Shaolin: Comprehensive Program for Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual DevelopmentShaolin Kung-fu has been considered by many as the best martial art in the world. But Kungfu is just one of the 'three treasures' of Shaolin, the other two being Qigong and Zen. For the first time ever, this inspiring book, written by an internationally acclaimed Shaolin Grandmaster, brings to you the crystallisation of Shaolin wisdom and practice spanning many centuries. Its scope and depth is amazing, touching on, among many other things, poetry and enlightenment. Yet it is written in a language easy to understand. Profound concepts and difficult techniques are explained systematically with many illustrations. The book includes: The Background and Scope of Kungfu; Form and Combat applications; Principles and Methods of Force Training; Energy Training and Mind Training; Secrets of the Masters; Traditional Chinese Weapons; Maintaining one's Health and Vitality and the Healing of so-called incurable diseases; Interesting stories and Legends of Shaolin; Zen and Spiritual Development.Dimensions: 24.59 x 17.83 x 1.93 centimetres (0.5 kg)Shaolin Kung-fuは世界の最もよい武道として多くによって考慮された。


初めて、国際的に高く評価されたShaolin Grandmasterによって書かれたこの感動的な本は、何世紀にもわたるShaolinの知恵と実践の結晶化をもたらします。





フォーストレーニングの原則と方法;エネルギートレーニングとマインドトレーニング;マスターズの秘密;伝統的な中国の武器;健康と活力を維持し、いわゆる難病の治癒; Shaolinの興味深い物語そして伝説;禅と精神的な発展。

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